Anais Borie is a French designer based in the Netherlands.
Her practice explores the foggy link between technology and mythology.

By mixing these two forms of knowledge, she seeks to develop parallel and alternative scenarios in which fantasies and transgressions can take place.

✨️🔮️ She is a modern witch, calling the tarot cards's omens to explore future clouds. 

//Science-Fiction (like any literature), produces metaphors in the powerful sense of the term, images that activate a reflection on the transformations of the human condition in the present.

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Currently :

Functional art Gallery, Berlin, 2019
SOON : Miami Basel, group show Functional art gallery, 2019

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FEŸ festival, France, 2019 
MORPH K11 art foundation, China, 2019
MORPH Milan design Week, Milan, Alcova, 2019
Everyday Gallery, group show, Antwerp, 2019 
MORPH DDW, Eindhoven, 2018 
Collective show, LA TOTALE at LesMoulins, Paris, 2018
Exhibition: October 14, 2018
Morphing during DDW, Mircolab, Eindhoven, 2018
Nominated for MAF Media Art Festival - Young Master Award, 12 nov - 1dec, 2018
Design Parade 13, Villa Noailles, Hyeres, 2018
Forecast, Invasive design, mentor Tulga Beyerle, Berlin, 2018
Pre-selected, Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam, 2018
Conference, Performance Making and the Archive, Mumbai, 2018
Studio ZZM, curated by Jan Boelen and Evelien Bracke, Zuiderzee Museum, Enkhuizen, Jun 30 – May 6 2018

PUBLICATION and Articles:
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Les chasseurs de fantômes du design, Véronique Lorelle, Le Monde 2015.

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- Void generator electrical crackling noises, at De fabriek (Eindhoven 2017), with Arvid and Marie
- Artist Bar "ModernZeus" at Onomatopee (2017)
- Dream Factory, during DDW (2016)

PDF Thesis
Zeus Lost His credibility, (MasterContextal, DAE, 2017)
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PDF Mémoire de Recherche
La domestication du fantôme, (ESADSE, 2014)
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