Modern Zeus
project want to remind us of the irrational aspects of electricity.

Each neon tube is controlled by little motors, to regulate the intensity of the light. From this modulation glitches appear in the light.
The light looks like lightning striking at random in the room.
The sound is generated by electromagnetic captors which capture the variations in intensity of the neons. A mix table receives each sound and modulates them with some effects.

The object can work by itself following the glitches of the motors or can be played by a musician using the electromagnetic device and mixer to generate and modulate the sounds.
With this object I wanted to question our connection with technology in modern society.
It’s an inquiry into our irrational identity, which is often avoided today. Bringing the invisible part of the electricity into audible sounds, I create a savage object, that responds to his own impulses, and is not controlled by a user.

9/12/2017 at Microlab, Eindhoven (NL)
Movie Link: Modern_Zeus
Dimensions: 3meters height, 1m20 width, Neon tubes, electromagnetic microphone, mix table and speakers.

Movie Link: Modern Zeus