Midnight Mirage - MMV2 , 2023
Hybrid Habitability at Etage Project, 2023

🦎🕸✨ “Midnight Mirage- MMV2” ✨🕸🦎
Material : Handcrafted Stained-glass Mirror
Dimension : 79cm H * 43cm W * 3cm D

For Hybrid Habitability, curated by @jeanetteapitz and @tinasroeder 🤩
At @etageprojects 🫀- 17.11.2023 _ 20.01.2024

Within the reflective depths of “Midnight Mirage- MMV2” a mythic tale unfolds—a shape-shifting hybrid being sowing the seeds of a clandestine community.
Inspired by eras lost to memory, this piece stands as a silent oracle, a manifestation of the elusive harmony born from the fusion of precision and artistry, weaving the digital realm with the craft of stained-glass.

“Midnight Mirage- MMV2” serves as a bridge to uncharted destinies, where the convergence of human and unseen forces whispers promises veiled in mystery.💫

Thank to @r.damisch for the wonderful pictures ! ✨