The Intimacy of a Cyber-Opera Singer

MKG Residency 2021-2022

Anaïs Borie is presenting her final project after a six-month residency at the MK&G.
In "The Intimacy of a Cyber-Opera Singer", she invites visitors to immerse themselves by means of sound, light, scents
and song in conjunction with works from the MK&G collection in a multidimensional sensory experience of the possibilities and limits of human existence between reality and fiction.

💕 in collaboration with  💕 

Ines Alpha @ines.alpha
Amédée De Murica @amedeedemurcia
Sara Gouzy @saragouzysoprano

Production helpers, Dan Davis, Sorcha Noble
Jo Hanna Oberhoff and Mu-Heng Tsai.

Photo Credits :
Henning Rogge

Video Credits :
Nicolas Döring

About MKG Residency : 


Neurones and Orgiastic tentacles,
Aluminium, Glass globe, wax,  hitting
Light 107cm hight, 45cm wide

Your Automated divine reflection,
work made in collaboration with @ines.alpha
Stained Glass, Ipad
107cm hight, 45 wide

Utlra Sonic Vapor System
Aluminium, plexiglass, LED panel,
Arduino, macrame
120cm hight, 40 cm diameter

The Cyborg Chair,
object with @FunctionalartGallery
Aluminum, LED light
120 cm hight, 100cm wide